Baby J dedication day! Thanks Lord now he’s officially Yours! #BabyJ #8Month #GmsGrace #happyparent

Thought via Path

Just found out that someone put two scissors under baby J’s bed. And that really disturb me.
Well lets get this straight : baby safe definetely not because that two thing!!!!!
2. My baby didnt cry at sleep not because of that too.!!!!
3. How scissor could safe your baby from crying or bad thing?
I really dont get it!
Well im sorry but i dont believe in “thing”. I believe in God! And my God is real God! He’s so much alive. He already sent angels to protect my son whenever and wherever. So i dont need scissors to protect my son, okay!!!! – Read on Path.

My poor baby got a bump on his head today. 😒 hiks – View on Path.
How i miss winter breeze. 😜
I am the luckiest women cause everymorning i wake up till the rest of my life i’ll see your face. #moibebe
Saturdate : kondangan @cahyadigozali

Today Make Up Class with Anpasuha #iristmakeup #mymakeup #beforeafter 😘😚☺️
My 7 Month Old Babe! #BabyJ
My bfast-lunch-and-dinner! Hahaha. #lai #orangedurian